Sport and athletic safety is a concern nationwide.  Here at Archbishop Spalding the safety and well being of our student athletes is of paramount concern.  Below, videos and presentations from national experts will discuss things parents should know about these conditions and how parents can help the athletic training staff manage them.


Below are several video's on the severity of concussions.  The first is about a former high school football player that suffered a significant traumatic brain injury.  It is an excerpt from the Full video available on the CDC website.  It is from 1999 but does not lessen the fact that this injury still occurs even today.  Please take a moment to watch this video.

Heads Up: Concussions In High School Sports


Here is a short video on Concussion Safety from the National Athletic Trainers' Association




What is a concussion? from National Athletic Trainers' Assn on Vimeo.

Here is a second video on second impact syndrome.  This is a very serious condition that can significantly impact a students performance both in th classroom as well as in the sporting venue.



Heat Illness

Here is a short video on heat illness and gradual acclimitization to the heat during the summer pre-season sessions.

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Staph Infections



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