The Religious Studies Department strives to assist students in their journey of faith, and will help students deepen their relationship with God.  This experience will provide knowledge of the Catholic Church and its teachings.  Students will develop a greater awareness of the values of Jesus and the role of service.  A student’s academic experience will be enhanced through their study of scriptures, issues in morality, social justice, spirituality, and world religions.


Patrick Brady, Religious Studies*
M.A. Ecumenical Institute of Theology

Mary Ann Curry, Religious Studies
B.A. Notre Dame University

Abigail Hill, Religious Studies
B.A. Christendom College

Bianca Huminski ’01, Religious Studies
B.A. Notre Dame University

Bert Kiessling, Religious Studies
M.A. St. Johns College

Thomas Mach, Religious Studies and Social Studies
B.A. University of Maryland Baltimore County

Katherine Mosco '08, Religious Studies
B.S. Duquesne University

Joseph Palumbo, Religious Studies
B.S. University of Maryland College Park

Nicole Trumpler ’95, Physical Education
M.A. Notre Dame University

Anne Winters, Religious Studies
M.A. Ecumenical Institute of Theology


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