One in Christ

Archbishop Spalding’s service and justice program has been established to achieve a three fold-purpose: to address the immediate needs of underserved and marginalized populations at home and abroad, to seek ways to change the systems which inherently prove unjust to individuals, societies, and the world, and to transform our students into men and women who understand the reciprocal nature of service and justice. We hope for our students to truly become one in Christ through their experiences - in word, action, evaluation, and celebration.

Service & Justice

Direct service, or charity, is an immediate response to issues addressing individual needs, such as poverty, environmental or educational needs, and the health of our societies. Justice is rooted in advocacy work that seeks to change systemic, structural injustices. Both service and justice work are rooted in the Gospel, and both are important to a student’s journey here at Spalding. We ask our students to enter into charity and to emerge with questions, and hopefully solutions, for a just and better world.


There are a multitude of reasons to become involved in service and justice work; some come motivated by their faith, some students come for humanitarian purposes, and some come because it’s part of their requirement. Whatever your motivation is for visiting our website, we are delighted you are taking a step toward, what we hope, can become a truly transformative experience!


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