Archbishop Spalding High School wishes to extend its most heartfelt gratitude to all the parents, alumni, parents of alumni, grandparents, friends, corporations and foundations who contributed during the fiscal year July 1, 2012 to July 15, 2013. It is through the support of these most generous donors that Archbishop Spalding is able to continue with its mission of providing the highest quality Catholic education for all its students. The following individuals have chosen to support the vision of Catholic education through their generous leadership as investors in Archbishop Spalding. Thank you!

Trinity Society
Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. Darrow

President's Society - ($1,000.00 + )

AFCEA CMD Education Foundation
ASHS Advancement Office
ASHS Cavalier Club
ASHS Development Office
ASHS Parents Association
Davco Restaurants
Dr. Gregg L. and Dr. Paula D. Heacock
FIRST -Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology
Flynn & O'Hara Uniform Company
George P. Kalas Funeral Home
George, Clarence and Dorothy Shaffer Foundation, Inc.
Giant Food
Image Creators Salon and Spa
JBA Automotive
Lifetouch - Segall Majestic Photography
Lt. James H. Love Scholarship Fund
MBS Direct, LLC
McDonogh Industries, Inc.
Microsoft Matching Gifts Program
Morrissette Family Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Alex F. Schmidt
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew C. Petrik
Mr. and Mrs. Craig A. Snoops
Mr. and Mrs. David C. Mitchell
Mr. and Mrs. David E. Franasiak
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Morrissette
Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Price
Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Yorkgitis, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Ejner J. Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Marcotte
Mr. and Mrs. Isadore Starobin
Mr. and Mrs. j B. Cardamone
Mr. and Mrs. James C. Bellinger
Mr. and Mrs. James K. Brydon
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey E. Leadmon
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Kelly
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Valente III
Mr. and Mrs. John T. Holt III
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Mensch
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth D. Wolf
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth E. Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Piccirilli
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew J. Aiello
Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Kelly '77
Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Weber '76
Mr. and Mrs. Randy R. Bowman
Mr. and Mrs. Richard B. Shea
Mr. and Mrs. Robb Merritt
Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Carney
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Healy
Mr. and Mrs. Scott E. Zepko Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Shawn B. McGrath
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen B. McHale
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen G. Peroutka
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen V. Roth
Mr. and Mrs. Steven J. Cortese
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas D. Morton
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Hirschmann
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy E. Ryan
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Galpin
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy W. Slaton
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne F. Weikert
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Manley Sr.
Mr. David B. McCormick
Mr. James K. Eichelberger and Dr. Maryrose F. Eichelberger
Mr. James M. Allen and Ms. Jennifer C. Lasko
Mr. John and Mrs. Lisa Boyd McGovern '73
Mr. John and Mrs. Mary Love Kaulius '81 & '81
Mr. Joseph J. and Mrs. Susan Sackett Lieb '75
Mr. Mario V. DiStasio
Mr. Walter J. Sackett, Jr.
Mrs. Barbara M. Harding
Mrs. Ellenor C. Alvarez
Mrs. Georgia L. Shockley
Mrs. Jenna Horton
Mrs. Karen Spies Acosta '76
Mrs. Pamela Graboski Beidle '69
Mrs. Sharon C. Devlin
Mrs. Sylvie K. Weikert
Ms. Eileen M. Holahan
Ms. Jean S. Bilodeau
Ms. Toby C. Taylor
Northrop Grumman - ES
Regan, Grace & Kerley, PA
Safeway eScrip
Smart Building Technologies, LLC
Target Department Stores
The Columbus Foundation
The Dorothy L. and Henry A. Rosenberg, Jr. Foundation, Inc.
The William J. and Dorothy K. O'Neill Foundation
United Way - Local Ind't Charities of America
United Way of Central Maryland
Valley Lighting, LLC
Wells Fargo
Zancan Press

Cardinal Sheehan Society - ($500.00 + )
Annapolis Bus Co., Inc.
ASAP Screenprinting
Associated Building Maintenance
Baltimore Ravens
Bank of America Matching Gifts Program
Delmarva Engineering
Dr. and Mrs. Richard G. Pfau
Dr. and Mrs. Robert A. Smith
Dr. Jenny Jones
Dr. Mary Therese Mastrucci '68
Dr. Maureen A. Vernon
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Jack Lucas Scholarship Fund
Kalas Funeral Home
KHovnanian Homes
Lauer's Supermarkets and Bakery
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard P. Bogdan
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Renaldo
Mr. and Mrs. Chester P. Godrick Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. D. Lee Rutland
Mr. and Mrs. David E. Rossi
Mr. and Mrs. David M. Depman
Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Urgo Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. George P. Kreis
Mr. and Mrs. James H. Hazelwood
Mr. and Mrs. James L. Cromwell
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey W. Salinger
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Henry
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth J. Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Q. Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Laurence A. Ray
Mr. and Mrs. Paul S. Park
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Mulherin
Mr. and Mrs. Robert V. Iacaruso
Mr. and Mrs. Scott G. McRoy
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Casey
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. O'Farrell Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. William E. Baldwin III
Mr. and Mrs. William E. Behrens
Mr. and Mrs. William M. Ritinski
Mr. John C. Coppola '95
Mr. Kevin M. Bittner '82
Mr. Lewis Van Wambeke
Mr. Mark T. Morsheimer and Ms. Lisa Hale
Mr. Mike Lawson
Mr. Stephen G. Devlin '11
Mr. Steven D. Schmidt and Dr. Elizabeth H. Maxwell-Schmidt
Mr. Thomas E. Miller
Mrs. Anna M. DiGiulian
Mrs. Darlene M. Kress
Mrs. Jacquelyn M. Havens
Mrs. Janet Temple Helferstay '82
Mrs. Kathleen K. Mahar
Mrs. Leslie A. Spangler
Mrs. Sharon Houst Bogdan '74
Ms. Kathleen Quinn
Northrop Grumman MS
SAGE Dining Services, Inc.
United Way - America's Charities
United Way - Eway

Trinity Society - ($250.00 + )
All Star Lacrosse, LLC
Behind the Back, Inc.
Dr. and Mrs. Anthony Calabrese
Dr. and Mrs. Michael K. Milligan
Dr. and Mrs. Richard B. Garden
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Sexton
Dr. and Mrs. Wayne S. Andersen
Dr. Joyce E. Russell '74
Miss Tammy J. McLaughlin '82
Mr. Alexander Rossbach
Mr. and Mrs. Brian E. Woods
Mr. and Mrs. Craig W. Schubert
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel B. Petenbrink
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Wells Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Domenic N. Pachence
Mr. and Mrs. Donald C. Horrigan
Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Carr
Mr. and Mrs. Edward D. Bjorn
Mr. and Mrs. Emile J. Henault
Mr. and Mrs. Gerard J. Horner
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert G. Bigelow
Mr. and Mrs. Israel W. Melendez
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Zois
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Hamlin
Mr. and Mrs. John T. Baldwin Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Franchy
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Procopio Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Heiss
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth L. Crawford
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin M. Brennan
Mr. and Mrs. Leon Talbot
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Lindahl
Mr. and Mrs. Michael T. Zehring
Mr. and Mrs. Norbert T. Deppe Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Peter A. Larsson
Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Weiman
Mr. and Mrs. Peter M. McArdle
Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Supplee
Mr. and Mrs. Rick A. Couch Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Burns Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Kanik
Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Kalas Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Wilson
Mr. and Mrs. Scott A. King
Mr. and Mrs. Scott A. Rombach
Mr. and Mrs. Scott D. Carson
Mr. and Mrs. Shawn A. Urbas
Mr. and Mrs. Steven A. Morusiewicz
Mr. and Mrs. Steven R. Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Rowland
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Inscoe, Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Quick
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy C. Kane
Mr. and Mrs. Todd W. Drew
Mr. and Mrs. Wilbert V. Kiessling
Mr. and Mrs. William D. McGuinness
Mr. and Ms. Douglas A. Garey
Mr. Brian C. Cooper '10
Mr. Clark A. Reddick
Mr. Hunter Steadley '77
Mr. James J. Holson
Mr. Jeffrey and Mrs. Janet Temple Helferstay '82
Mr. John S. Kelly Sr.
Mr. Justin R. Hibbard
Mr. Keith Anderson
Mr. Kenneth R. Comerford and Ms. Jennifer V. Flake
Mr. Martin Frederick '81
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Lisa Rossbach Pearson '84
Mr. Michael Calderone
Mr. Patrick R. Woods
Mr. Paul E. Pennoyer
Mr. Peter J. Lally
Mr. Robert J. Warrington '07
Mr. Terry L. Edmondson and Ms. Renee M. Saffield
Mr. Thomas E. Mach Jr.
Mr. Tyler D. Mitchell '10
Mr. Walt Blahut
Mr. William Rosemond
Mrs. Amanda Toomey Gartner '79
Mrs. Annette M. Batson
Mrs. Blanche A. Neuenberger
Mrs. Cheryl S. Ventura
Mrs. Christine S. Mahon
Mrs. Claire Lamy
Mrs. Dana Bradford
Mrs. Darrine O'Neill
Mrs. Debra L. Larsson
Mrs. Druscilla Long Burke '68
Mrs. Erin E. Schmitz
Mrs. Jean M. Green
Mrs. Jennifer A. Weissmueller
Mrs. Jill A. Criscuolo
Mrs. Karen M. Davis
Mrs. Kathleen Mayer
Mrs. Kathryn T. Fitzmaurice
Mrs. Kelly K. Shanahan
Mrs. Lois J. Schramek
Mrs. Lynne Rickey Zink '64
Mrs. Mary L. Inscoe
Mrs. Priscilla G. Thomas
Mrs. Sherrie A. Kelley
Mrs. Susan P. Iacaruso
Mrs. Teresa C. Herbert
Ms. Aida T. Houst
Ms. Kathleen S. Bye
Ms. Laura J. Pletcher
Ms. Megan L. Jendrossek '06
Ms. Melissa McCormick
Ms. Sheillmae L. Sinoben
Ms. Stacey M. Bradley
Ms. Susan M. Sears
Ms. Theresa A. Vogt
Northrop Grumman
Tuition Management Systems


Red and White Society - ($100.00 + )
Aquafit Physical Therapy
Buffalo Wild Wings @ Arundel Mills
Capt. and Mrs. Michael Devine
CDR and Mrs. Philip E. Malone
CDR Mike Flood
Clark Construction Group
Col. and Mrs. John R. Surdu
Col. and Mrs. Robert S. Warren Ret.
Col. Janice M. Stritzinger '70 USAF Ret.
Dr. and Mrs. Anthony P. Doran
Dr. and Mrs. Christopher L. deBorja
Dr. and Mrs. James H. McCarl
Dr. and Mrs. Richard Giuliani
Dr. and Mrs. Robert M. Greenfield
Dr. Duane A. Woodburn and Dr. Norma S. Woodburn
Dr. John and  Dr. Ingrid Connerney
Dr. Jose' R. C. Zarzuela and Dr. Donna M. Zarzuela
Dr. Marian J. Leerburger
Dr. Maryrose F. Eichelberger M.D.
Dr. Patricia C. Thomas-Shepherd
Dr. Peter and Mrs. Elaine Samonsky Ramirez '82 &'82
Dr. Tracey L. Davenport
Fence and Deck Connection, Inc.
Frank Hebro-Harman Elementary School
Hardesty Funeral Homes
Henggeler Consulting Company
Henggeler Consulting Corporation
Hub City Sprinklers, Inc.
J. Kings Steak and Seafood Restaurant
Jaklitsch Law Group
Maj. and Mrs. Michael A. Herbert
Major Paul A. Pepe USAF Ret. '85
Maryland Primary Care Physicians
McCarl Dental Group
Mr.  Edward and Mrs. Marie Alvarez Newman '84
Mr. Alec J. Urbas '16
Mr. and Dr. Thomas S. Doerr
Mr. and Mrs Steven M. Quade
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony F. D'Ambrosi
Mr. and Mrs. Bernie Moreland
Mr. and Mrs. Blair S. Jennings
Mr. and Mrs. Bradley J. Skorepa
Mr. and Mrs. Calvin S. Fischer
Mr. and Mrs. Carl J. Carrick
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Olsen
Mr. and Mrs. Carlos A. Aviles
Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. Kirk
Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. McGuire III
Mr. and Mrs. Charles McCarty
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher J. Mulry
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher W. Carlson
Mr. and Mrs. Clifford C. Kooser Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Colin T. Redford
Mr. and Mrs. Craig T. Harber
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Mahan
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel P. Morrison
Mr. and Mrs. David A. Cousemaker
Mr. and Mrs. David J. Kelly
Mr. and Mrs. David J. Yemc
Mr. and Mrs. David L. Kiskis
Mr. and Mrs. David M. Donnelly
Mr. and Mrs. David M. Klovensky
Mr. and Mrs. David R. Scotton Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. David R. Wichers
Mr. and Mrs. David S. Jones
Mr. and Mrs. David Scrivener '83
Mr. and Mrs. David Van Scoyoc
Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Iodice
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Catrow & Family
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas W. Shenton Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Hurley
Mr. and Mrs. Edward M. Kostkowski
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene M. Whissel II
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Gibson
Mr. and Mrs. Frank L. Morgan Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank R. Levi
Mr. and Mrs. Franz Lengenfelder
Mr. and Mrs. Fredrick K. Gerheiser
Mr. and Mrs. Gary A. Brendle
Mr. and Mrs. George D. Fish
Mr. and Mrs. George S. O'Connor
Mr. and Mrs. Glade F. Flake
Mr. and Mrs. Harry J. Schepers
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Manley Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Husain M. Rashid
Mr. and Mrs. James D. Duffey Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Somers
Mr. and Mrs. James F. Koresko
Mr. and Mrs. James F. Topping
Mr. and Mrs. James Hildrew
Mr. and Mrs. James K. Duffy Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. James L. Shuey
Mr. and Mrs. James Melton
Mr. and Mrs. James S. Burk
Mr. and Mrs. Janic Y. Gaudreault
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey A. Cosey
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey W. Nieves
Mr. and Mrs. Joesph  W. Linden
Mr. and Mrs. John Clarke
Mr. and Mrs. John Cornelius
Mr. and Mrs. John E.A. Gorrie, Jr. & Family
Mr. and Mrs. John G. Mangan
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Williams, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Solace
Mr. and Mrs. John T. Baldwin Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Hunt
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Hoffmann
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph H. LaMore Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Hoffmann
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Pazulski
Mr. and Mrs. Karl Eser
Mr. and Mrs. Karl R. Prince
Mr. and Mrs. Kelly W. Pack
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth J. Hess
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth L. Kondner
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin C. Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin E. Fitzgerald
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin R. Gendron
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin W. Denney
Mr. and Mrs. Kurk K. Hess Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Kurt W. Kuhn
Mr. and Mrs. Lance F. Caffiero
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence F. Twele
Mr. and Mrs. Leo A. Wilson
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Modzelewski
Mr. and Mrs. Louis J. Costanzo
Mr. and Mrs. Marc D. Binder
Mr. and Mrs. Mark J. Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Mark S. Gilmore
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Sheriff
Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Jendrossek
Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Mancuso Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Milton
Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Groody
Mr. and Mrs. Michael G. Laidley
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Forschler Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Thomas
Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Hartman
Mr. and Mrs. Michael T. Cooper Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Wist
Mr. and Mrs. Patric C. Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick A. Brady
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Bozel
Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Straub
Mr. and Mrs. Perry N. Moutsos '81
Mr. and Mrs. Peter A. Davies
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph A. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph G. Peters Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Randy L. Wallenhorst
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond C. Caffiero
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Fournier
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond P. Chadwick
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Phillips
Mr. and Mrs. Redmond C. Finney
Mr. and Mrs. Richard B. Sellars Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Bittner '76 & Family
Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Mazza
Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Molloy
Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Arnold
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Lewis
Mr. and Mrs. Richard N. Harvey
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Powell
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. MacArthur
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Brisolari
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Baldwin
Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Humphrey
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Baxter
Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Kreczmer Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Zgorski
Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Shaw
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Gerth
Mr. and Mrs. Robert K. Burkhart
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Wiegel
Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Jett Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Reilly
Mr. and Mrs. Roland D. Curbelo
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald R. Rombach
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald W. Sauter Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Roy W. Ertel
Mr. and Mrs. Russell W. Wissman Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Salvatore Vitale
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen K. Sauls
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Sturiale
Mr. and Mrs. Steven F. Fafoutis
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore W. Frank Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Angelis
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. King Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Singel
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Klimczyk
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Montemarano
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Murphy Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy M. O'Neill
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy P. Conroy
Mr. and Mrs. Walter McCrary
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne D. Clarke
Mr. and Mrs. William A. O'Connell
Mr. and Mrs. William B. Lenskold
Mr. and Mrs. William B. Simpkins
Mr. and Mrs. William C. King
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Hendron Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Monks
Mr. and Mrs. William L. Shiflett
Mr. and Mrs. William Lenskold
Mr. and Mrs. William M. Roberson
Mr. and Mrs. William V. Quinn
Mr. and Ms. Dave Podany
Mr. Anthony Canterna '97
Mr. Anthony J. Meli '15
Mr. Berl M. Thomas and Ms. Dawn R. Grannas
Mr. Charles T. Jones and Mrs. Sharon Gary Jones '88
Mr. Conor M. Pequigney '12
Mr. Daniel J. Maletic and   Dr. Jerilyn M. Jutton
Mr. Daniel P. Hazelwood '03
Mr. David Demers
Mr. David Johnson
Mr. David P. Hagar
Mr. David W. Callahan
Mr. Douglas T. Charney '78
Mr. Edward J. Pribyl
Mr. Edward Park
Mr. Eric Massimei Sr.
Mr. Floyd W. Churn
Mr. Frank Grazioli '79
Mr. Frederick F. Louck
Mr. George F. Hartig and Ms. Renee H. Bivans
Mr. Gregg G. Sears
Mr. Harry Yost
Mr. Ivor L. Brown
Mr. James H. McCormick
Mr. John A. Prendergast '77
Mr. John C. O'Brien
Mr. John R. Still
Mr. Jon D. Weston
Mr. Kenneth P. Paquin '88
Mr. Kevin A. Ruddy
Mr. Larry Miller
Mr. Mark A. Muckelbauer and Mrs. Cathleen M. Vitale
Mr. Michael C. Roberts '77
Mr. Michael D. Fontz '03
Mr. Michael Prucnal
Mr. Patrick M. Harvey '77
Mr. Paul V. Dizon and Dr. Grace Garcia- Dizon
Mr. R. Anthony Malone
Mr. Randy Leonard
Mr. Richard A. Butler Jr.
Mr. Robert Crosby
Mr. Ronald and Mrs. Diane Harris Shenton '65
Mr. Scott and Mrs. Erika Shephard Robuck '93 & '95
Mr. Steve Hall
Mr. Steve Schuh
Mr. Thomas G. Swain
Mr. Thomas Landi
Mr. Wayne Wyatt
Mr. William and Mrs. Jill Hagberg Schneider, Jr. '72
Mr. William D. Woodard III
Mr. William F. Cornelius, Jr.
Mr. William H. Ballantyne
Mr. William J. Wahl Sr.
Mr. William R. Smith
Mrs. Agnes E. Lloyd
Mrs. Amy Andryszak Campbell  '93
Mrs. Amy I. Brunner
Mrs. Angela Gallardo
Mrs. Anita N. Bragaw
Mrs. Anne Schrader Schene '82
Mrs. B. Sue Benson
Mrs. Barbara Schwitzer
Mrs. Bernadette M. Taylor
Mrs. Beth C. Hough
Mrs. Catherine Hellie
Mrs. Cathryn O. Gibson
Mrs. Cathy A. Hunt
Mrs. Charline R. Ritinski
Mrs. Christina M. Campitelli
Mrs. Christine M. Sackalosky
Mrs. Cindy H. Love
Mrs. Dama R. Yekeson-Koffa
Mrs. Dawn Krupnik Mostaan '76
Mrs. Deborah A. Susie
Mrs. Deborah L. Hart
Mrs. Debra A. Perry
Mrs. Diane M. Shreves
Mrs. Diane Pierpont
Mrs. Diane S. Williams
Mrs. Donna M. DiGennaro
Mrs. Edwardene Pitcock
Mrs. Eileen F. Heiss
Mrs. Elizabeth Love Sherwood '84
Mrs. Elizabeth Paone Rotellini '74
Mrs. Emily M. Couch
Mrs. Eudine Frederick-John
Mrs. Frances Rausch
Mrs. Geraldine Walsh
Mrs. Helene F. Braun
Mrs. Isabel B. VandenBerg
Mrs. Janet M. Bemkey
Mrs. Jeanine Kandrac
Mrs. Jeannette C. McGuire
Mrs. Josephine L. Villareal
Mrs. Joyce Hatcheson Heid '85
Mrs. Judy Curtis
Mrs. Karen H. Smith
Mrs. Katherine Mach
Mrs. Kathleen Jones Deppe '82
Mrs. Kathy A. Godrick
Mrs. Kelly Padeletti
Mrs. Kristin A. Sturiale
Mrs. Kristin Ena Ward '90
Mrs. Laura B. Doley
Mrs. Laura H. Doran
Mrs. Laura S. Eaker
Mrs. Lesta A. Brady
Mrs. Linda K. Wunderlick
Mrs. Linda Wallace Loveridge '71
Mrs. Lisa F. Zehring
Mrs. Lisa Kane
Mrs. Lynn R. Daitch
Mrs. Marcia L. Simpkins
Mrs. Margaret Murphy
Mrs. Margo P. Speciale
Mrs. Marguerite L. Keane
Mrs. Marie Alvarez Newman '84
Mrs. Marie J. Haines
Mrs. Mary Ann Kelley
Mrs. Mary E. Hartman
Mrs. Mary E. Weicks-Jordan
Mrs. Mary K. Baxter
Mrs. Mary Washenfeldt Heath '71
Mrs. Maureen E. Kelly
Mrs. Maureen Lawlor
Mrs. Mechelle Pennoyer Gunther '86
Mrs. Megan D. Bowcutt
Mrs. Melissa M. Blohm
Mrs. Michaela Bratten
Mrs. Michele L. DeGrange
Mrs. Michelle J. Boretti
Mrs. Michelle L. McGinty
Mrs. Monica A. Mount
Mrs. Monica B. Bennsky
Mrs. Naomi R. Smith
Mrs. Paige H. Havens
Mrs. Pamela F. Henry
Mrs. Pamela Peyton McClure '82
Mrs. Patricia A. Hamilton
Mrs. Patricia J. Still
Mrs. Patricia S. Van Brackeh
Mrs. Pauline L. Baxter
Mrs. Phyllis A. McCann
Mrs. Sally Webber
Mrs. Sandra J. Machlin
Mrs. Sharon K. Schilling
Mrs. Sharon Koenig
Mrs. Shauna M. Talbot
Mrs. Shawn M. Wilson
Mrs. Sherri K. Caruso
Mrs. Sherriel J. Sullivan
Mrs. Stephanie A. Barrella-Chapin
Mrs. Stephanie Huesgen
Mrs. Stephanie J. Condon
Mrs. Susan M. Martyn
Mrs. Susan M. Quaal
Mrs. Suzanne Davies
Mrs. Suzanne F. Dunn
Mrs. Tara D. O'Kieffe
Mrs. Tashonda Pugh
Mrs. Theresa H. Yoshikawa
Mrs. Tuesday Beatty-Pyle '80
Mrs. Yvonne M. Pellegrino
Ms. Annalisa M. Carino
Ms. Briannon K. Bielich
Ms. Carolyn Flood
Ms. Cynthia L. Baxter
Ms. Darlene D. Ragins
Ms. Deborah A. Wahl
Ms. Diana Merkel
Ms. Donna M. Cinotti - Zawitoski
Ms. Donna Windsor
Ms. Ellen de Gail
Ms. Ellen Patton
Ms. Gloria McParthis
Ms. Harriett G. Reinholdson
Ms. Janet Steele
Ms. Jessica L. Still  '11
Ms. Joan I. Kucyk
Ms. Jovan L. Deloach
Ms. Kathleen A. Caruso
Ms. Kathleen D. Lonczynski '76
Ms. Kimberly J. Williams
Ms. Kristen A. Koehler
Ms. Lisa Hale
Ms. Lolita D. Martin
Ms. Marilee L. Turnbull
Ms. Mary L. Brennan
Ms. Patricia M. Flatley
Ms. Susan M. Callahan
Ms. Tracey M. Powell
Ms. Yuminie F. Walton
Reading Educating Assessing Developing, LLC
Reliable Contractors, Inc.
Rev. John Auer
Rev. Msgr. J. Bruce Jarboe
Rho Chapter Delta Kappa Gamma
Sr. Mary H. Fitzgerald S.S.N.D.
WAWA #572


Cavalier Club - ($10.00 + )
Battelle Memorial Institute
CDR and Mrs. Mark C. Kester
CFM Engineering
Col (USA ret.) and Mrs. Phillip H. Bender
Dr. Allison C. Ashbeck
Dr. and Mrs. Albert P. Sindall, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Francis A. Granito Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. James B. Reed
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph K. Berko Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Timothy S. Eckel
Dr. Donna M. Zarzuela
Dr. Patricia Gillen
Dr. Robert S. Martin
Dr. Thomas Hartka '98
Miss Samantha L. Hicks '09
Mr. Adam C. Shephard '01
Mr. Albert B. John and Mrs. Eudine Frederick-John
Mr. and Mrs. Alban W. Urbanas
Mr. and Mrs. Alessandro W. Salerno
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew T. Stainer
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Ficarra
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony P. Ellis Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard E. Condon
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Baker
Mr. and Mrs. Bradley N. Spain
Mr. and Mrs. Brian F. Kane
Mr. and Mrs. Byron W. Bracey Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles G. Byrd Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Becker, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Seifert, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher C. Cutler
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher K. Cooper
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Snyder
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher W. Havens
Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Browne
Mr. and Mrs. Clifford C. Kooser II
Mr. and Mrs. Craig A. Sackalosky Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Craig S. Bellofatto
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Fitzmaurice
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel P. Hannon
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel S. Granzow Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. David R. Harding
Mr. and Mrs. David W. Cornell
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Duffy
Mr. and Mrs. Derek Coss
Mr. and Mrs. Derrick R. Lewis
Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Lucente
Mr. and Mrs. Frank M. Anson
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Grey
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn A. Hamilton
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon S. Wallace
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory T. Leihy
Mr. and Mrs. Hamilton F. Tyler Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry D. Pugh
Mr. and Mrs. Henry T. Farrell
Mr. and Mrs. Jack M. Bradford
Mr. and Mrs. James E. DeGrange Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. James J. Landon
Mr. and Mrs. James L. Powell
Mr. and Mrs. James N. Menendez
Mr. and Mrs. Jason M. Bell
Mr. and Mrs. Jerome White
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Wcislo
Mr. and Mrs. John C. McCabe
Mr. and Mrs. John F. Craig Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. John F. Gunning '77
Mr. and Mrs. John G. Stock
Mr. and Mrs. John Keagy
Mr. and Mrs. John Mattimore
Mr. and Mrs. John Venit Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Beatty
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth L. Mrozek
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth P. Boretti
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin L. Myers
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin M. McCarty
Mr. and Mrs. Kirk White
Mr. and Mrs. Krist L. Salmi
Mr. and Mrs. Kurt W. Godfrey
Mr. and Mrs. Larry D. Salazar
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Heacock
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence E. Brandt Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Leendert H. Pruissen
Mr. and Mrs. Leo Kossa
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard J. Mnkande
Mr. and Mrs. Mark H. Mohs
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Massimini
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Phillips
Mr. and Mrs. Mark R. Evangelista
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew A. Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Gowl
Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Hartig
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Lemanski
Mr. and Mrs. Michael O. Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Saumenig
Mr. and Mrs. Norman Schweizer
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick M. Farrell
Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Langlois
Mr. and Mrs. Randy L. Anastasi
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond B. Kerge
Mr. and Mrs. Richard F. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Koehler Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Breiner Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Thomas
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley R. Jaicks
Mr. and Mrs. Stewart G. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Terrence Bayly
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. McKissick Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy P. Bratten
Mr. and Mrs. Umberto A. Buonassisi
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Tekippe
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne R. Shugars
Mr. and Mrs. William B. Lusby Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. William E. Neutzling
Mr. Andrew Bauer
Mr. Andrew D. Jaklitsch '11
Mr. Benedict W. Boch
Mr. Brett R. Lankford '87
Mr. Brian J. Richter and Ms. Margaret M. Fennelly
Mr. Brian L. Parker '04
Mr. Bryan Huester '91
Mr. Charles T. Dean III
Mr. Christopher Conlon '94
Mr. Christopher M. Rutland '02
Mr. Christopher Westgate '84
Mr. Colin T. Solace '11
Mr. David Bukowski
Mr. David M. Barber
Mr. Frank B. Pipkin
Mr. James P. Swalwell
Mr. Jeffrey L. Parsons Jr. '95
Mr. John A. Ena, Jr. '89
Mr. John Buckley '88 and Mrs. Nancy Bonnar Buckley '88
Mr. John D. Shugars '15
Mr. John Ensor
Mr. John J. Fallon Sr.
Mr. John Mancuso
Mr. Joseph Costello and Mrs. Patricia Osborne
Mr. Joseph Palumbo
Mr. Joseph S. McHale '07
Mr. Matthew and Mrs. Laura Keagy Pajerowski '82
Mr. Matthew K. D'Amario
Mr. Michael E. Rutland '04
Mr. Nicholas Hondrum
Mr. Nicholas J. Pajerowski  '11
Mr. Patrick C. Craven '06
Mr. Patrick T. McKindles
Mr. Percy D. Jordan and Mrs. Mary E. Weicks-Jordan
Mr. Peter D. Saderholm and Ms. Margaret A. Weickert
Mr. Richard D. Smith and Dr. Susan V. Smith
Mr. Robert Medoff
Mr. Ronald Ferron
Mr. Ryan P. Clarke '08
Mr. Stephen Milmoe
Mr. Steven P. Rutland '04
Mr. Thomas Morgan
Mr. Timothy E. McKenzie
Mr. Travis J. Peed '11
Mr. William M. Weber
Mrs. Amy J. Kane
Mrs. Amy Konrad Hennessy '03
Mrs. Amy M. Cannon
Mrs. Angela A. Bentzley
Mrs. Angelica R. Hendron
Mrs. Ann E. Truffer
Mrs. Anna Marie Convery
Mrs. Anne R.  Anderson
Mrs. Bianca Gentile Huminski '01
Mrs. Bonita Hare Klemm '95
Mrs. Brooke G. Richardson
Mrs. Carol A. Gordon
Mrs. Carol A. Yorkgitis
Mrs. Carole H. Berglund
Mrs. Catherine K. Klase-Markey
Mrs. Cheri J. Mullin
Mrs. Christina M. Bushar
Mrs. Christina S. Hodges
Mrs. Christy S. Mathis
Mrs. Cynthia J. Garvin
Mrs. Cynthia L. Anderson
Mrs. Deborah A. Pierson
Mrs. Diana L. Rode
Mrs. Diane Harris Shenton '65
Mrs. Dominique L. Drummond
Mrs. Donna J. Doran
Mrs. Erin C. Sheckells
Mrs. Florence Freeman
Mrs. Heide Cornet Hostelley '97
Mrs. Ida M. Padeletti
Mrs. Jeanne A. Abey
Mrs. Jennifer A. Joyce
Mrs. Jennifer L. Carr
Mrs. Judith E. Scott
Mrs. Judith M. Breiner
Mrs. Kaycie S. Bowen
Mrs. Kaye E. Thrasher
Mrs. Kelly Zuknick Watkins '00
Mrs. Kristin M. Kerge
Mrs. Leah P. Pedder
Mrs. Lisa C. Auld
Mrs. Lisa J. Donnelly
Mrs. Lisa Pinder
Mrs. Lisa S. Trantin
Mrs. Lori L. Andersen
Mrs. Lydia H. King
Mrs. Lynne M. Cooper
Mrs. Margaret M. McKissick
Mrs. Margaret O. Ganey
Mrs. Marguerite Krell
Mrs. Maria C. Rivera
Mrs. Maria C. Wall
Mrs. Marietta I. Dunn
Mrs. Mary Ann Curry
Mrs. Mary Boivin
Mrs. Mary C. Boyle
Mrs. Mary Jeanne Ordakowski
Mrs. Mary Lou Hope Johnson '79
Mrs. Mary-Louise Stenchly
Mrs. Maura H. Martin
Mrs. Meagan C. Himmerich
Mrs. Megan L. Plauger
Mrs. Merihelen Gittings Murphy '64
Mrs. Michele Burke Stumpf '78
Mrs. Michele Carrier Marx '82
Mrs. Michele P. Bouchard
Mrs. Michele Ray Bolling '84
Mrs. Michelle Marll Cooke '98
Mrs. Nicole Drury Bomhold '91
Mrs. Page M. Linden
Mrs. Pamela A. Windsor
Mrs. Patricia Alvarez Ruschaupt '88
Mrs. Patricia Lannon Mauer '72
Mrs. Patricia M. Armbrust
Mrs. Regina Pantazis O'Hara '02
Mrs. Renee Tobin
Mrs. Rhea Leonard
Mrs. Robin Redding Calloway '76
Mrs. Rose Trumpler
Mrs. Rosemary N. Finlayson
Mrs. Sandra I. Warrington
Mrs. Sharon Schoolden Butler '74
Mrs. Susan Caccuitto
Mrs. Susan Feimer Gallagher '70
Mrs. Teresa M. Crofoot
Mrs. Teresa R. Jacobsen
Mrs. Terry Reisinger Halsema '75
Mrs. Tina Henderson
Mrs. Toni Christine Miller Dalfanzo '77
Mrs. Tracy W. Greenfield
Mrs. Valeria F. Baker
Mrs. Valerie A. Butler
Mrs. Vickie E. LeDuc
Mrs. Victoria C. Kiskis
Mrs. Virginia G. Dando
Mrs. Virginia H. Love
Ms. Abigail Hill
Ms. Amber L. Kelso
Ms. Anne Marie Ciany
Ms. Anne S. Klase '07
Ms. Anne T. Winters
Ms. Dolores A. Clark
Ms. Elizabeth Mahlin
Ms. Gian Mayo '83
Ms. Gina Guaragna Notes '02
Ms. Gloria Milligan
Ms. Jaclyn R. Pacheco '03
Ms. Joan Brooks '75
Ms. Kaitlyn N. Pajerowski '08
Ms. Kelly L. Lane Finnegan
Ms. Kim M. Nolet
Ms. Lisa T. McCaffrey
Ms. Lisa Walker
Ms. Lorraine M. McQuade '83
Ms. Margaret A. Lay
Ms. Mary C. Klase '06
Ms. Mary McGraw
Ms. Maura M. Maguire
Ms. Melissa P. Hildt
Ms. Natalie F. Trem
Ms. Nicole Trumpler '95
Ms. Rita Trice
Ms. Rose M. Durm
Ms. Sandra L. Witherspoon
Ms. Sharon L. Cook '79
Ms. Sheila Postlethwaite
Ms. Sherrie R. Pizarro
Ms. Shirley M. Messenlehner
Ms. Tara C. Restly '07
Ms. Tina M. Campbell
Ms. Vanessa S. Clack
Ms. Vernea L. Bacon
Ms. Wendy A. Gilbert
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