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Welcome to the new athletic injury management software.  This system will allow the parents to fill in all appropriate demographic information emergency contact information, consent statements, concussion forms, and helmet forms.  Please take a moment to read this tutorial to become familiar with the program.  You will need to update this information seasonally.  After reading this toturial, Parents should go to the following website: or click the link at the top of the page.

 They will See this:


 Click ATS Athlete Portal and see this:

Input the ID number and password you were issued by your coach or the athletic training staff.

All initial user ID's were numbers and all passwords were set by the program.  Once you login you CAN change them to something YOU WILL REMEMBER.  THESE ID'S AND PASSWORDS WILL BE YOUR LINK TO THIS PROGRAM FOR YOUR ENTIRE TIME AT SPALDING.

 The database will be:  atsarchbishop

 Once inside parents should fill out all applicable fields and tabs under athlete information.  This information is held offsite on a secure server that meets governmental standards for encryption and security to protect your information.  This is the direction the school is going in an attempt to minimize paper trails.  Thank you for your help in making this possible.

 This is a sample of what you should be seeing once logged in.

Click Athlete Information to find the following Screen.

Select each tab at the top of the page, filling in all of the requested information in the “Tabs”.  In the “Athlete Forms” Tab, you will see this:

Click on the down arrow at the end of the "Form Name" field.  Select a form, click new and fill in the requested information as appropriate.  Repeat the process for each form. There will be a total of 5 forms

They are:

Concussion Awareness, Helmet Release, Medical Exam & Authorization Statements, Athletic Compliance Form, Parent Pledge & Travel Waiver Form

Once you have completed this you will have successfully filled out electronically what used to be 10 pages of paper forms.  Welcome to the electronic age.

Athletic Training Staff

T.J. Morgan, ATC

Head Athletic Trainer

ext. 250


Amber Kelso, ATC

Asst. Athletic Trainer

ext. 346



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